Gloria the Flying Hippopotamus

Procedure and work:

This plush was protected with cling film and tape, then covered with strips of fibreglass soaked in resin. After many hours of puttying and sanding (master), we made negative counter forms (hollow moulds), in which we moulded “fuselages” of the hippo.

The moulded parts have been joined together and we will then soon work on the landing gear (wheels hidden in the legs), then on the motorisation, i.e. the positioning of the engine and its nozzle (or electric motor with propeller).

The wings will also be built at this time, using roofmate (foam insulation) cut with our CNC hot wire saw by computer.

After the construction of the tail and tailplanes, the whole structure will be tuned and prepared for final painting.

Then the final electronic equipment and remote control systems will be installed.

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