Computers, and in particular technical drawing on computers, give us design possibilities that we did not have before.

Today, our workshop is equipped with traditional tools such as an old architect’s drawing table with its rulers and squares, but also with a hot-wire cutting machine for polystyrene, as well as a CNC milling machine and another laser cutting machine.

We still need a 3D printer, which we plan to acquire in the next few months.

The creation or cutting of parts with these machines saves us a lot of time, although it requires a lot of preparation. It requires a lot of availability and patience.

Thus, people interested in this Fab Lab must first integrate and work in the technical team of the association, before being able to use our machines, which remain relatively fragile instruments to be used with care.

Our aim is not to offer a “commercial service” to let people we don’t know use our machines. On the other hand, we know people in our address book who produce parts “on a hobbyist basis”, in their garage, out of passion and in an amateur way, for small fees.

However, it should be noted that our machines are still “leisure” models bought with our small budget. They could therefore sometimes be relatively limited in precision that professionals could demand. They are perfectly suitable for our artistic field, but not for mass production.

Our other speciality is castings in composite materials, various resins and other materials. This is an exciting area of ongoing research and experimentation. Here too, no work can be undertaken quickly without extensive preparation. We sometimes offer, depending on availability, personalised training courses (see our training courses tab).

Finally, let’s not forget our passion for traditional work, with our “classic” tools such as the wood lathe, various and varied sanders and associated materials: light wood, foam, concrete, plaster, paint, etc…

The restoration of old furniture or the construction of new ones, made to measure, sometimes with recycled materials, is also a fascinating subject with multiple possibilities.

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