The Flying Cow

Design of a small plane with a cow-shaped fuselage, equipped with an electric motor, to be used for publicity presentations or air shows.


In partnership with several organisations, various specialists and schools in the region, our project consists of designing a real light aircraft (like a microlight but certified in Switzerland), drawing up the manufacturing plans, then building a prototype, and finally 2 to 6 other examples to make a new Swiss civil patrol.

With a wingspan of approximately 9 metres, a length of 6.5 metres, a maximum weight of 300 kg and a flight speed of approximately 90 km/h, this single-seater light aircraft, with an electric motor of approximately 35 hp and a fibreglass and carbon fuselage, will be shaped like a cow, one of the main symbols of Switzerland.

This flying cow will also be equipped with smoke bombs, and a sound system with loudspeakers to broadcast big “Moooooo” or bell noises during the presentations in meeting.

History of the Flying Cow

In partnership with several European specialists in the field of light aviation, the idea is to design a small ULM type aircraft (called amateur construction in Switzerland), to draw up the plans for the structure, and then to build a prototype.

This single or two-seater light aircraft will be equipped with an electric motor of about 35 to 50 hp, with a cow-shaped fuselage made of fibreglass and carbon. The internal structure of the fuselage would be made of welded steel tubes, composites or wood using certified processes. The wings would be taken from a production light aircraft in order to limit costs.

This project, by its originality, would attract a lot of attention in meetings and other public events, and would therefore be the ideal future support for a sponsor of the Swiss food industry or any other sector of the economy wishing to include a good dose of humour in its advertising and communication policy.

It is also important to underline here the ecological and innovative side of the electric motorisation, which is currently in full expansion in light aviation, and which alone will make these machines very popular, and which could therefore interest a regional energy supplier.

As performance or travel range are not the goals of this aircraft, this engine will be ideal.

Construction project

After the technical feasibility study, the Meuh Association’s workshop will start to have the plans of the structure drawn up by a team of specialist engineers, then build a prototype, mainly in composite materials, and fly it.

This machine could then be the ideal support for a sponsor wishing to include a good dose of humour in its advertising for tourist regions or local products (e.g. tourism, cheese, chocolate, watchmaking, etc.). A number of these companies have already been contacted and are looking forward to seeing our prototype fly.

Presentation of the Association and its workshop

The Association Meuh organises camps during the school holidays, welcomes people from all walks of life to the workshop to build their planes, helps unemployed people to reintegrate into society by acquiring the temperament of proactive entrepreneurs (additional training in composite materials) and collaborates with university students to carry out their end-of-study internships with us.

For some years now, we have been trying to make the flying cow project a reality. Several radio-controlled prototypes have already been built, a third of the size (3-metres wingspan) of the future plane, mainly in composite materials (carbon, Kevlar, epoxy resin, etc.).

We would now like to build a small single-seater (or two-seater) plane with an electric motor (for the innovative side and clean power image), in the shape of a cow, with wings of course, with the aim, once perfected, of renting it as a flying advertising medium for one or more sponsors looking for this typical Swiss image (chocolates, cheeses, watches, tourist regions, etc.).

Situation update

In December 2018, we went to meet a team of young aeronautical engineers. They told us that the construction of this machine was apparently possible, but that a feasibility study had to be done first.

This study must be done by specialists in regulations, legislation, aerodynamics, motorisation, etc… The category in which the Flying Cow will be certified in the future remains to be determined (ULM, amateur construction, etc…). Each category has its advantages and disadvantages. This study has been costed at approximately CHF 30’000.

Are you interested in this project?

Investors, sponsors or patrons

This project, because of its originality and decoration, will attract a lot of attention in meetings and other public events, as well as in the press, and will very quickly become known and recognised everywhere, perhaps worldwide.


We are looking for a small team (young or not so young…) of entrepreneurs who have both a great sense of humour and the desire to invest themselves concretely and efficiently in this project, which could lead to the creation of a small SME later on.

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