The workshop of the Meuh Association is an artistic creation space with a socio-educational vocation, autonomous and self-managed, i.e. with a horizontal organisation structure.

The workshop has been mobilising and bringing together skills, talents and ethical values for years in fun, funny, spectacular and exciting projects on the theme of model aircraft and fine arts.

The participants in the projects or workshops, all volunteers, are mainly adults in integration, reintegration or in temporary personal difficulty. The objectives are to learn, relearn or reinforce responsibility, autonomy, self-confidence, rigour, citizenship, listening, solidarity and respect. All of this provides the precious elements of social cohesion.

Specialists in certain technical fields are sometimes called in to
train us or to help temporarily. Wherever possible, there is a clear
emphasis on entrepreneurship and the creation of micro-businesses with
the aim of empowering the individual in a world where finding a job is

Artistic aeromodelling is a playful, creative, spectacular and original, but technical and therefore demanding collective activity which allows the result of the craziest artistic dreams to become reality: to fly a cow, a winged hippopotamus, a prehistoric bird, a Noah’s ark, a drone with a hornet or giant spider body, this after having drawn, sculpted, moulded and reproduced them in light composite materials such as balsa, plywood, glass, carbon or aramid fibres (kevlar).